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Great Irish Tours was started by a Tour Guide from Dublin in 2006. In 2010 we started our group tours specializing in groups and catering for their needs. As a company run by Irish people and based in Dublin we have the knowledge of the History of our land and the know how to get around the country with the least fuss possible so that our clients can enjoy their experience to the full. Our tour guides and drivers are bilingual and myself as owner and native of Dublin can speak perfect English, Spanish and Italian. All our people are well travelled and of course with that comes a more rounded and cultured formation, our enrichment is our customers enrichment. They say knowledge is power but for me more importantly it gives us the opportunity to be fully rounded spiritually and humanly speaking. We all love Ireland those who work in and for the company and therefore this enables us to share the riches of this wonderful country, home of so many incredible writers, musicians, playwrights, actors and sport stars that carry the flag of honour of what we really are, a spirited and proud nation of fighting Irish. In Ireland we say in the Official Gaelic language, “CeadMile Failte” which means a 100 thousand welcomes and that’s what we would like to extend to our clients and friends who visit from abroad. We are about sharing knowledge with you, making sure you have a good time, taking care of your interests and likes. If you have an idea on what you would like to see and do we love building on that giving you more ideas and suggesting activities that you might like to try.

Clients have in the pass shown a keen interest in playing golf but also asking us for the names of Golf courses that we have seen, played on and could recommend. And of course as keen golfers ourselves we have shared our knowledge on that theme too. We have had clients who want to surf, who want to photograph the Wild Atlantic Way, who want to kayak down the famous Boyne River, who want to birdwatch on remote Islands, who want to cycle the Green way from Westport to Achill, who want to fly in a Helicopter over the Skelligs, who want to dine in Castles. All this and much more is Great Irish tours and we would be delighted to help you and your friends realise your dreams and help you with that bucket list.We generally operate any given tour outside Dublin from 4 days to 8 days outside Dublin. We hope you consider us as an option and look forward to speaking with you. We would welcome emails or phone calls to chat about the tour you image for yourselves around the Emerald Isle. On in the words of Johnny Cash when he sang about Ireland, “the 40 shades of green”


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